June 14th, 2008

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Alive and feeling much chippier. Currently awaiting lunch and computing for the inept at twelvish. I have my new big skirt on; it is big, black and white, and has one of those underskirt things made of tule.

Hopefully, I am going to produce more On the Inside, or print it and take it with me to CftI. There are things in my closet I really want to extract, and might even try climbing around certain issues - like the width and the fact I do not pay the room, so I am not normally allowed to empty the closet - to get some things. One of them is red and green and the other is hughly amusing and involves comics.

Was that obtuse enough?

Safe to say, I will probably only try once and maybe get the rest off somebody in the envelope.

Other than that, not a lot to say, still no baby cacti.
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hugh house

Useful only if you are me (probably)

From Rant (page eight) by Chuck Palahnuik:
The front car is a sea-green 1974 Plymouth Road Runner with a four-barrel carb-equipped 440-cubic-inch cast-iron-block V8. Original ice-white interior

Totally divorced from context, for the purposes of On the Inside and my theory that every Chicago cop has a cool muscle car. And this one was Gardino's. Please note the "was" in this equation.

On the subject of Rant, beyond sounding a bit too like his other books in places, the first half was really good. And then it got rather strange and jumped to a day/night apartheid to keep the roads running; recording people's sensory perceptions (which turned up in the middle with no real purpose), and lots of car crashes. Liked the multiple viewpoints a lot. I'm currently headed to multiple view-points in On the Inside, and if I ever write "paper bangles" that would head even more to the chapter/character pov form (even if I was more thinking Louis de Bernieres - the early stuff is really good, read Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord and see if you disagree) and this - sadly - shows some of the weak points up and really makes you see Palahnuik's style a bit too much in all its fucking excesses etc.

Uh, really should print my thing now. One day, I might get into the right brainspace to write about writing properly and talk about plot, characterisation and world-building, just not today.
hugh house

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Nice shiny icon of Paul Gross beefcake yummy from slidellra.

Went to computing for the inept; had three inepts, spent one and a 1/2 hours helping said inepts. Library computers =/= secure place to handle your finances via the internet, not helped by computers handling like slugs.

I did get some "book sale" books for nothing, though. Including "Linger Awhile" by Hoban, which I have been lusting over ever since I read "The Bat Tattoo" (beyond good), he also wrote "the Mouse and his child" (I think), lots of good things.

The Gardens were full of a two-day Hellfire Corner / 1940's event thing. We had singing, lindy hop demonstrations, air cadets, lots of very enthusiastic people with their collections of military vehicles and I think I know where Jack Harkness gets his coat from. ;-) Seriously, I couldn't see a price and we all know what rule number one is. The link google gave me to try and explain Hellfire Corner (otherwise known as many good reasons not to be in Dover 1939-45) actually looks really interesting. I like memoire things.

Who was very good at ratchetting up the tension, but the resolution was a little limp. Mummyfrog disagrees and thinks it was good all over. It was the budget lock-everyone-in-a-confined-space episode. Donna - very sensibly - decided to sunbathe instead.