June 23rd, 2008

hugh house

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So, how long have I been gone?

More than a while. Usual concoction of health and brane issues, "work", and making the_dosk a birthday cake.

I also got some writing in, if not any actual intraweb presence

(Victoria Sponge; my attempt at buttercream came out a little runny... silly processor getting hot and bothered)

Right now, I feel more than a little blank.

So, have I missed anything interesting and less blank making?

Other than that: still trying to get through to the end of Highway 61, more to do with my endurance than a bad reaction to a shinily good film. Still don't know what Don's accent is and considering doing something to Canadian actors who mumble too much. Really want to find some way to get the car into On the Inside. I am on a bit of a car-obsessed roll; every Chicago cop must have a cool car (due South personal canon rule #2. Rule #1 Everyone must be haunted by the ghost of their father, if you do not have one, one will be provided) and well a lot of On the Inside has featured cars, cars that are not there, and cars that are security on a mates-rates loan with your drummer friend Sandor. I want to have Pooky's (uh, Don, ennunciate with your weird pseudo-sweedish accent) black Ford Galaxy 500 (preferably with the coffin on top) even if nearly nobody would appreciate the beauty of it. Also, zabira provided me with research porn on Inuit Throat Singing, which makes my inner Fraser very happy.
hugh house

Important Idea

If the Duck Boys started singing "Two Houses", would it be enough to send Jim-from-Cascade into some kind of trauma. And for that matter, what would Pokey Jones be doing in Chicago? I wanted him for his car; now I am wondering how a trumpet player with a phobia of public performance would do in Poet!Chicago.