July 25th, 2008

welsh: headdesk

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If you cannot guess, I am having a crap week on the headache front, which has just left frustrating and is now heading to seriously meltdown (or wetdown, whatever it is when I start crying on bbd). The plan as of last Saturday was to apply for more jobs. So far the only things I have done are sleep, vegetate and stitch. The stitching is a form of self-hypnosis I'm sure, as as soon as I drop it the headache is waiting there to say hello like a hoodie in central not so central London (Stratford perhaps, there's a computer mart and the area gives me the heebie jeebies). Oh, and I went into "work" yesterday (boss away all week at "secret location") and all I wanted to do was get some stuff done so everything ran to schedule and boss stopped moaning about it. Boss phoned so I got an earful of boss interrogation on what can a database do besides produce shinier labels? /o\ Woe, woe, thrice times woe. Bbd is all for dropping in and reminding boss that I am a very shiny person who gets things done (even the really peculiar errands).

The universe owes me some serious karma, that or - as the_doskn points out - I have been an extremely bad person in a previous life.

I am not well endowed in the shoulder region, so this is my shoulders going down with the ship. I am not a happy bunny at this point and that is leaving out some areas of fail that I am not comfortable blogging without a lock, a really good one at that.