August 5th, 2008

hugh house

Future Attractions; Joe Dick does Rock and Roll

Forensic Accounting. Don't talk to me about Forensic Accounting.

Marvin the Paranoid Android is back.

I've actually had two relatively decent days, I think the Brane is trying to play and convince the brane doctor on Friday that all is sweetness and light and I didn't spend the pass two weeks in the dark under my duvet*.

I have committed comment!fic in the first time in forever.

(My general big fannish project attitude is to keep focussed, but have had nada for a while - even if the ideas and themes are flowing, I am like a river with pushchairs and supermarket trolleys - so that shelved "Armando Langoustini: nice queer boy" which aims to make every fangirl cry. Since I need to get back on my horse and have JOE fucking DICK in my brain...)

I think I have fixed it up with a nice title (HCL discography for the win! the_dosk has been reading it over my shoulder and is much amused)

So now, I should probably put it together and get some beta-at-titude! (That was an awful pun-thing, wasn't it. It's a good sign like damp noses)

Okay, I need to check the details. It is one of those mother-of-weird stream of consciousness things, like Wind Them Up and Let Them Go. If that made you hide under the sofa, consider yourself fore-warned and fore-armed (and Joe would like to add foreskin and thinks it should be your name)

Thinking titles, I am considering the following:
* Roll Over, Kiss Your Children and Then Your Wife (Headstones, Swinging)

*Ticket Punched at the Savings and Loan (song title, Hard Core Logo, Aeh? (1984) )

Now I just need to face the nagging terror that this is a crock of shit (language!) and paste it all into Word and get me a word count and then work out what next. (I don't tend to post without beta these days, but I am half-way on the writing high and half-way in that terrible what if feeling).

Uh, that's about it. CKR's taste in shirts does it for me like that.

*I know, too hot for duvet, but I like the phrase and does communicate the idea.