December 30th, 2008

welsh: headdesk

Oh, my branes!




My brane, it hurts.

Ouch again.

Clearly not enough to stop me saying "hello" and trying to infect shadowkitty with the awesome of All Star Superman. A Superman comic I like (okay, so I liked John Bryne's Generations but more for the art and the cracktastic kidfic offspring - uh, yes, it's like fanfiction) and I have papajoemambo for back up. :-)

"Interpretive dance" keeps on turning up in my head - I can't remember why but it was outside Marks and Sparks - I have a hunch it may be Dr Horrible. Enlightenment is appreciated.

Sundry awesome and amazing things happened at work beyond the expected "cold". And I picked up the_dosk some classic Who from Woolies. It has prop plans etc on the disk - it looks like the Daleks might get some company.

And back to our leitmotif --- Ouch!

The inside of my head feels too small and my face looks like it's been hit by a dead frozen otter. (due South, like you needed to ask)
hcl: joenbilly


Does anybody know when Lost Season 5 is showing in the UK?

All Sky will say is "soon" which is not terribly much help.

Mummyfrog wants to know.