January 10th, 2009

hugh house

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Computing for the Inept continues to be deeply boring but for library books. I feel zapped. I didn't even get any Inepts.

There are things to do, but I feel dozy and fluffy. Well, just don't 'splode on me until I get a backup there, lj. And I meant to frame dosk's picture/stitch gift so he could take it back to uni.

I have photographed the stitchy thing (which is scarily close to finished now - stitching-wise, beads still left and light here is diabolically poor so colour-match woes are put-off until we discover weather conditions that aren't grey, frosty and foggy) and the fangirl pyjammas for woolly_socks. Again, I just need to find where my get up and go got up and gone.