July 1st, 2009

fraser: I want to break free

commentless venting

Dear Daily Mail,
Girl/girl kising isn't going to bring about the end of Western Civilixation Culture (or anyting as destructive as underwear monsters. It isn't going to turn all the teenage girls ghey any more than... crossing the street or going to an all-girls school.

Oh, and wasn't that a "Pash" back when you were holding hands and stealing kisses. Oh, not on the lips! Just as Clinton did not have sex with that woman. That makes it okay, right?

Yours Grrrrrrrrrhingy, buzzy

(who has kissed with intent one person and that was an astronimically bad idea so it would have been better if I just kissed a girl...)
hugh house

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Renfield cries out to his dream self. His mind has no part in the decission; his body, his heart and his lust have staged a mutiny. Renfield cries out as every step he gets closer to the tar-baby, as he steps into the trap, rides into the pass and walks into the murderous valley. The current draws Renfield under, cast adrift in the slate green sea that overwhelms his coracle. All he can do is watch from under the surface, every panicked breath a mirror to this warped dream. cont...

The inability to change has been the cornerstone of Renfield's life in that small house at the end of the world. He can't change his feelings as he does his body, where freedom is caught in every delirious line. But freedom is as ilusiously as the wings he flies on, turning to ink and burning in the sun...

[ink and old paper whithering to dust]

I think that might be an excess of meta going on in here --- hopefully I will return later and do something about the nightmare plan to make it smart and meaningful rather than a little cliche that just doesn't work. But looks stunning and visual.

I like writing nightmares a lot and anything that gets me writing has to be good. It's mostly globs of backstory.

no promisses. no buzzy-angst. no problem.

Just need to keep saying it. And maybe avoid drowning metaphors as they are a buzzy lietmotif. Unless they are really really good.
hugh house

In which buzzy becomes a flake and can't remember something...

There is a nice request for PTSD fic over at ds_recfinders and being helpful and something of an angst bucket* and I can't name the big Turnbull PTSD epic by Hamlette. That one, the really awesome one with the undercover mission and - uh - stress and wobbly grasp on reality...

Can somebody (especially the Turnbull freaks) go and tell the nice young lady the title href="http://community.livejournal.com/ds_recfinders/62086.html">here</a> and convince her of the awesome/realism/Turnbullism?

ETA: the answer is Beautiful Oblivion by Hamlette. How could that name escape me?! It is wonderful, dark and Turnbull with all sorts of really wonderful bits. It's also long.

I've recced it before and I rec it again. <-- It sounds like Hugh Dillon. Won't Rec Again! *grinity-one*

Explanations and summaries escape my fictive grasp.

*I'm not sure what one is, but it sounds good.