August 20th, 2009

hugh huh (twitch)

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Finally dug out one of my semi-random boxes of comics for the first time since ever. Dosk needed love, I wanted to share it. Cue huge stack of Tieri Wolverine. It makes me happy.

We had been talking about Astonishing, which I finally picked up trade four and had a sleeper trade three hanging out in my shelves waiting for me to NEED it. So, nearly at the end of 3 and loving it. And so glad that I have 4 or things would have happened that I need not be responsible for.

Big balls of string are manadatory. Likewise, thesecondevil and the chairleg of truth (it does not lie) which made me super extra happy.

The big thing?

I'm still feeling pretty great, what's gone wrong? The brane is hanging around the edges but this is so scary -- it's like a different person in the mirror and... IT'S JUST SO DARN BIG AND ENORMOUS. It's hit me with the same whamey as the hospital stuff - am I the same person or am I just going to disappear?

On the brighter side, we have many plums and "work" was fantastically fruitful.

And I felt like a true human being. Which has to be good, right? Now, I am freaking myself again. Not so great.

It's just I feel more "me" and just floating around in life anditfreaksme.

I'm going to go for the best treatment for freakage I know, a good dose of bbd.