November 17th, 2009

hugh 4

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Not really anything to say today. At "work" I did some vacuuming. For some reason our vintage collectable vacuum cleaner comes with an eight foot want (excluding corrogated tube) which refuses to collapse to a managable size. Much hoovering later, office surprisingly clean (except for sticky labels and something living in the cups and possibly highly-cultured dishcloths).

Also, I bought a book about samplers. This is very interesting and shows another Bristol Red Sampler (which is an actual genre of samplers huge samplers made in red on white with very very small lettering and incessent multiple alphabets). I did a tiny sampler based on some of the lettering, which I really should photograph and post. Jane Greenhoff designed my sampler and has a very interesting page about The Muller foundation and the Catherine Archer sampler. There is also a freebie chart based on the same sampler. Mine isn't exactly similar but uses much of the same letters with rather more spacing.

I'm not sure that paragraph made sense. Sorry. It's easy to ramble on with my mouth than to line all the words up and write them out of my head.