December 1st, 2009

prisoner guh

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Today, I am feeling supernaturally good. Score buzzy!

That said, not much to talk about except the lady in the weird community art project/ swap shop. They have some nice stuff and I want to trade Greek Bucolic Poetry (it's a Loeb - it's also more confusing in English translation than the original Greek. Cue tutor "What idiot bought that?" that was me) and some stitchery that isn't my thing.

Also communicating with two of my favourite people - woolly_socks and papajoemambo - and having a great time and also pyjammas. That was January and I've lost weight since then and I didn't think I was ever so blocky looking. This is what twenty years of boredom seven years of branehate and pill-induced munchies does.

New pills? Give me raving munchies.
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