December 2nd, 2009

hugh house

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Okay, today wasn't as pain free as yesterday and there were bits where I went and hid from the brane (in bed) and drunk way too much diet coke in an attempt at sanity.

I've been reading "Captain Britian and MI13" vol 1, which rocks. Not least for Skrull John, I am feeling the Love, just as papajoemambo told me I would, quote ere's a Skrull in this series named John the Skrull who's made himself look like John Lennon. Out of RESPECT.. And he has the speech patterns - yeah - and worries about breaking character. *hearts*

ETA: I also love Pete Wisdom (read it, shadowkitty) and his three little words of Collapse ) which were even lettered in tiny tiny font and convince me a hell of a lot more than those words they are referencing. Pete seems to have put chainsmoking behind him and settles for smoking (and hopefully dead) bad guys

In other news, I've been making one of these Boiling Christmas Cake. There is more fruit than cake (and that was even leaving out the things mummyfrog doesn't like) and bbd's reaction "how much brandy is in that?" and "you're going to get drunk from stiring that". Fairly easy. I don't know what it tastes like because:
a) I don't like Christmas cake
b) My great great uncle thought any Christmas cake eaten before February is a waste
c) bbd would eat it at the first opportunity