December 6th, 2009

dS manga: ben with wings

Branehate followed with Branelove and POET art!

Friday was bad in ways that really sucked - it also showed how much progress we've made getting away from the brane. Classic branehate in all its evil glory. It's so easy to forget how bad I was when things went really bad c.2005 and how slim my grip on the real world was at that point. That people take drugs to recreate that mess as recreation activity is truly beyond my comprehension. Honestly, wired, wide-eyed mutterer with leet but incomprehensible conversation skills and the self-protection skills of a banana (at least there weren't any road vehicles in there, even if escalators assumed new levels of lurching peril).

Now, for some branelove.

In a spirit of pottering I actually booted up the creature from the black lagoon (cbl) and played around in Photoshop and cooked up something in the way of Poet cover-art. The plan had been to knock some Callum into the solid foreground, but it's looking pretty good as is. So, does it do it for you?

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