December 10th, 2009

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strange obsession

Yesterday started good and got worse. I do not want to think about it. I am one of nature's self-destructing annalysists.


* I'm looking at my new copy of Cross-Stitcher and the free Emily Peacock HUG chart and thinking "If I repeat the H, it could say HUGH!"

*I've bought EQ's christmas present and a couple of sale items, both of which are now plastered with "sold out" banners. This makes a girl feel good.

*I need to buy dosk's xmas pressie as my watch-and-wait strategy got an unexpected spanner in the works from which has raised the cruddy price! Amazon, methinks, before anybody decides to match it. Always knowingly oversold - ha!

*bbd still presents a problem *smirk*
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prisoner guh

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- Talking Molesworth with EQ last night
- go looking for Molesworth and the gerund
- Try and explain gerund and Kennedy to mummyfrog
- broaden mummyfrog's slightly baffled horizons
- find smthng aboot chaz kingsly and his wet book
- buzzy is muchly amused
- and has thought at length of getting a nice old Waterbabies with plates in it
- or otherwise the 35th of May by Erich Kaestner, which buzzy wishes she had liberated from the school library when she got the chance
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