December 13th, 2009

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Trying to find something for bbd for Christmas. *urble*

What does a girl get her big bad daddy?

[I feel the need (having spent some time in the internet) to specify that bbd is actually my dad/best friend/cool person]
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hugh house

Sleeping Beauty

Right this minute, I'm feeling a little broken - I have things to do and about zero oomph. I just want to hide and sleep.

Anyways, I just posted these pictures over at cross_stitch, so here they are for those of you at home. FYI I finished the stitching this time last year and had it beaded by March. I don't deal very well with immediate things, especially when I feel like this.

The design is Sleeping Beauty. I didn't like the beads that came with, so I substituted with some of my own and ended up googling the serial number to get enough to do the whole thing. Still, it looks good and now I just need to find something to do with 100g of emerald a/b-lined seed beads.

I really need to get cracking on the boss's hand-stitched x-mas present before work on Tuesday and find something for the bbd and work on mummyfrog's mystery gift. I just feel absolutely shattered, which given how much sleep I had is... It's just seriously demotivating as are christmas cards and staying awake here.

Since I'm tired and posting Sleeping Beauty pictures, I assume there is some greater irony at work.

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