December 30th, 2009

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I am still rattling around, just being quiet and offline and trying not to guilt trip myself about that. Pills went up again, so sleep is good and sugar is better. I'm a little frayed around the edges and have tipped into obsessive stitching mode. I'm getting a little nervous with regard to second thoughts and why they think I suck.

On the bright side, I bought a tea pot yesterday. Mummyfrog is yet to see it.

Some writering thoughts have made it through the minefield. On the Inside now has a little bit more Ray V/Stella information/interaction about glitsy costume jewellery, Stella's mum going cross-eyed and some scars (related to the mob flowers flashback, kimboosan) and little bits of wonderful. I'm just short on points of articulation here (DC Direct Elijah Snow - action figure afficionadoes).

[here, some of the action prompted "somebody else' standards/ the one thing I can't handle" on the quote-o-matic - I know it's Hugh and also think I might have used it in one of the Gardino chapters - yes, a car got blew up, just everything is as "turn left" as usual]

[ETA: new Who not as bad as feared, possibly the best Master masterplan since Delgardo]

Also, got Astonishing X-Men "Ghost Box" trade and am reading it slowly and thoughtfully devowering a good combination of articulate dialog, beautiful art and splash pages being used thoughtfully (not something I see a lot of in the "decompressed storytelling" world). And to papajoemambo, I think Simone Bianchi's Storm is Claremontian (entirely in that sense of the word).

Note to self: don't lose those plot notes - fish them out even if you are floating in a sea of apathy.