April 7th, 2010

plot carrot

Plot Carrot Theatre - Vampire Edition

Some random universe where there are vampires. Ray and Fraser are in a room. There are rather a lot of vampires outside. With a substantial dash of Buffy mythos (probably) or at least one of my favourite phrases.

"Ray, death is my gift. I have to go now"

Fraser steps out of the interview room, the door clicking shut behind him.

Ray can hear him say, in that clear mountie tone, "I'm ready now. Take me."

And then there is nothing, no screams, no fighting, just an agony of silence. Ray shoulder-rams the door, crying out for Fraser, until he runs out of breath and pauses, leaning on the table.

It is then that he notices the shell pink fretwork over the door - occult symbols written in Frannie's lipstick - they are there to keep him safe. They are here to keep Ray in this room. They are here to break his heart all over again.

And then, a semi-detached message from our favourite mountie:

Ray, there is one letter's difference between LIVE and LOVE. I am that letter, LIVE for me, Ray.

*buzzy blubs* Uh, that bit might just find it some way into something else. Unless you take to the Doctor J rule: "if you find any sentence particularly fine, strike it out"