June 25th, 2011

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Trust me, I'm being just as uncommunicative in real life right now. I am in hide mode.

That aside: random buzzy thought of fannish potential.

I was looking at a write-up for Manhunter (the original, half-decent Hannibal Lekctor movie).

Dosk has a really strange theory he keeps advocating (I'm going to start fandom-hopping, please keep up) that Barnaby from Midsommer Murders (the cracked out "high-light" of ITV's afternoon schedules) is Jim Bergerac (from Bergerac, the Jersey-based cop-show that is equally incestuous but slightly more believable) in a witness protection programme. Twenty years later. This might sound patently silly if it weren't that Midsommer!canon is spectacularly weird to start with - compared with Barnaby's secret post-college work-experience with MI5 in Soviet-era Berlin smuggling out dissidents; Jim Bergerac sounds more feasible.

Like I was saying, Manhunter, besides being an actually good movie featured Will Petersen as a smart yet vulnerable profiler called Will Graham, pulled from semi-retirement and family-life to encourage Hannibal to put together a profile of another disturbed serial killer.

Graham is ludricrously pretty - and better known as Grissom from CSI. For those with only a (tiny) passing knowledge of the show, the cool guy who solves everything. He's an etymologist/crime-scene specialist who always has that little crucial fact that brings everything into focus - he is also just pure cool. FYI, I prefer him with the Beard. A while back, I read a really smart, interesting and really-rockin' fanfic that posited that Graham turned into Grissom on a witness-protection scheme and just moved specialism a little bit. And the crows came home to roost and go after another cute and slashable forensic techs.

So, there was Will Peterson looking like a Bright Shiny Slashable chunk of youthful-but-battered cuteness.

And my brain went Hodgins.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, Hodgins is the self-styled "King of the Lab" in Bones. An incredibly diverse specialist with a mysterious past (and like Grissom, he likes to keep it that way) -- he's a guaranteed cert to find that one piece of evidence (TM) that solves the case so Bones and Booth can put away the bad guy. There is one hell of a physical resemblance. Something to do with the cute grin, curly hair and aura of geek cool that makes him my special favourite in the world of unconvincing and bizarre crime-drama.

Secondly, Hodgins is an etymologist. He also specialises in mass spectrometry, geology, metal analysis, conspiracy theories and experimental (and often messy) forensics. He would rather nobody ask anything about his background as one of the few survivors of a Getty-style dynasty that secretly funds the entire lab-based operation. Eccentric and slightly weird, moving in mysterious ways, trapped in peril?

So, my thought:
Is Grissom also a survivor of a mysterious Getty-style dynasty with a slightly-younger and marginally more social cousin? Did they ever breed bugs together, compare weird forensics and worry about colleagues that get kidnapped by recurrent serial killers and placed in situations of explosive and lethal peril? Do they have to fight off bean-counters who ask whether all those melons were really necessary? Do they have the admiration of more lowly but engaged specialists who look up to them as role-models?

And do bears poo in the woods? /Susan

Do the Powers that Be randomly kill off intriguing supposedly-minor characters in pursuit of ratings?


On other news, my stitching just went epically wrong as the two pin-cushion panels destined for a needle-work-gifting-thing turned out not to be the same size and I am seriously pissed off with myself for that one.
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