July 4th, 2011

fraser: I want to break free

sample and see

The lesson for today is: don't leave finding a new portable embroidery project to the morning before your knit and natter group. Failing that, pick something nice which doesn't require a full-out half hour plus floss choosing session, agonize over hdf silks or hand-dyed cottons and then iron the recalcitrant linen EQ bought you. The pattern in question is: Blue Birds and Daises from blue ribbon designs, which is a really pretty freebie. If you like that, check out the newsletter section for another adorable mini-sampler.

The knitting group found things somewhat enlightened by the 6ft 6in drag queen on the next table. Hence, iconage. For the benefit of the initiated: that is Fraser from due South undercover as a girls-school art teacher. "Whoever invented pantyhose should be brought up on charges of cruelty, sadism and reckless endangerment"

Please fill the gap, fangirls! Thanks to lipstickcat and her dS package of squeee.

Oh, and the recipient of the pincushion is delighted with it and the strap design (to hold it on top of the free arm of her sewing machine for quick sticking) and is now threatening a holiday souvenir. This might bring a great foreboding on the part of buzzy.

*[seriously, how much starch does dmc think you need? This practically stands to attention]

[fangirls, try to stop thinking filthy thoughts about mounties standing to attention... ;-)]

[yes, that is fannish content for today]