September 30th, 2011

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I had a dream last night about being a fake collaborator and feeding false intelligence to the Nazis.  It had Klingons.

[Interestingly, the Chrome spell-checker only recognised the single Klingon - social engineering?  or maybe to stop klingons setting up their own dating sites?]

I am probably going to give up Computing for the Inept.  Cue everyone else: why hadn't you done this before?  I have been considering it for months bordering on years: but I am too nice and don't like letting people down. Every time I visualised the conversation it either falls into a) wild screaming rows or b) sounding self-centred and moany about trivial volunteering things.  

Uh, the wording on that didn't work right. But I think you know that feeling.

I am, however, fed up with taking three hours out of my weekend to feel under appreciated  under trained and under managed.  A lot of the people who I'm actually familiar with and get on with have been "let go", my line-manager sees me as an extra body to lure into things I don't want to do anyway, and the most training I ever got was five years ago or so.  When the line-manager does find me something to do "in role" she frequently reconsiders it and drops it by the next session.  This is turning into an endless "poor me" moan, isn't it?  I'm fed up with floating around with nothing to do, trying to find Inepts, especially after I was discouraged from sitting around in the reference library lemonade-stall-style and reading between customers.  Meh.
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