October 4th, 2012

exc: oh rats!

Kafka's Other Unpublished Book: Cookie-morphis

For some reason, Kafka's publisher thoguht there was more of market for men who turn into insects than for a book about a woman turning into a food item obsessed furry creature.

Did I mention that when we got home from foreign parts we were greeted by a hole in the ceiling? About the size of a jar of nutella and it loomed over the mummy beddy. Uh. I got woken up and shoved in the lounge at gosh-its-dark -- my room has the loft hatch and chaos ensued.

So, now we have men on the roof.

Can you believe / they put a man on the roof? (R.E.M)

They are a bit noisy and we are covered in scaffolding. Apparently, roof was on its last legs so we have the joy of re-tiling. [Can I just say -- You guys with your felt shingles; WTF?]
The roofers are being treated to hot sweet tea and biscuits which I am trying not to eat. Morrison's Double Chocolate Cookies. If you need to know. Cookies... now I am turning blue and furry, you won't like me when I'm furry.

REC: the cookie monster in his own words:
Am I Monster?
One of the most touching monologues in human language -- read it.