October 15th, 2012

hugh house

Google Oogle : Google Doodle : Nemo in Google Land

Okay, if you haven't seen today's google doodle, go and have a look.

Available until tomorrow and hopefully will turn out in the Archive.

It's Little Nemo's 107th Anniversary!!!

107th seems a random date, surely not a regular sensible number, I think the doodlers were too inspired and in love with Windsor McKay and his Little Nemo in Slumber Land.

Little Nemo falls into the Land of Dreams every night only to fall out of his bed in the morning. Slumber Land is the most amazing places I ever want to visit. A perfect and elegant fantasy world in which almost anything can happen.

If you do not know Windsor McKay or Nemo in Slumber-Land: LOOK

Words cannot describe McKay, Little Nemo, Rarebit Fiend, and Gertie the Dinosaur.

Windsor McKay: is awesome

Little Nemo in the Land of Dreams: is one of the prettiest, most charming, exquisite and plain wonderfully mind-blowing thing in the world: a full-colour full-page story in pictures. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The Google doodle is the first thing I have seen that really half-way conveys this.

Rarebit Fiend: is Mckay's other strip: adults with bad dreams bought on by the late-night cheese snack.

Gertie the Dinosaur: is probably the first ever animated character. Before the invention of celuoid* Mckay redrew each individual frame on paper. Gertie is absolutely charming and toured with McKay and the viewers couldn't believe their eyes, a walking dinosaur interacting with her handler.

*can somebody spell that, please?!