December 23rd, 2012

ckr: fear is negotiable

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Army Nurse, Sally Ackerman was a little too curious. The girls told her so when she applied to join the mysterious Section. Nobody came back from Section, they said, not even for Avon Parties. Everyone reminded her: curiosity killed the Communist. Clever girls marry doctors, smart girls marry managers, regular girls date patients. The other girls, the ones too dumb, naive or professional: they all go a little bit crazy.

A little bit crazy; what else could it be? A girl applies for a post in a unit with no name, no department and no description. She has to be crazy, she has to be Sally Ackerman.

In Section, you need to be crazy, it's on the job description. The description that is only cleared with Section staff. Sally got hers as soon as she walked in. The moment she stepped other threshold, she was cleared, she was Section and once you are in Section, there is no escape plan. There are no disclosures and there aren't any visitors.

What the Creature Features.

The only way out is in an ambulance.

Then you see the Creature Features, her new patients

You get it on the door, read frantically and meet the General. There

When it's too late step back and marry a doctor, once you walk yourself kn Section there is no way out.

Sally takes the job and finds herself locked in with the Creature Features.

Sally Ackerman was a curious girl. It's not good to be curious

Curiosity led to Communism