January 3rd, 2013

dief: Dief cry

cross stitch and *cross* stitching [the painful kind]

ONL gave me a Christmas Present! Oops! I also said I was running late on gifts, but WTF do I do now?!

Window-shopping cross-stitch patterns: I have a huge thing for Mirabilia patterns - I've done four and that includes the (very large -understatement) Sleeping Beauty, one of the Mermaids, and two of the little pixie fairies.

So I saw this gorgeous new mermaid {no. 84 my heart stopped. Then I looked over the required materials and my heart stopped again. Not for a good reason.

37 packets of Mill Hill beads!

(those are not cheap -- around here somewhere between £1.60 and £5.00 here)
(sometimes, I bulk buy them state-side -- a bit more affordable - post rates less so)

I can't be the only person to see the new and shiny and gorgeous patterns, just to find they are getting too expensive to "kit up" and unlike "fancy" threads, they are not easy to substitute. Charts with unusual threads tend to offer an alternative DMC number (the main manufacturer of "off the rack" threads). There is no cheaper brand in embroidery beads. I managed (just about) to substitute two colours in Sleeping Beauty. I managed With jewellery retailers, guess work, and seriously complicated research.

It's just getting silly. And expensive as hell. And it doesn't do much for my impression of the designer.

I love beading. You'd have to be very mad to do this (look up): Angel of Love (1000+) beads. It's just with that many (and it seems, the trend is At least they came in six colours and I probably used 12-13 packets. And that was over a huge stitching area.

p.s. if you want to see the pretty it's Mermaid 84