January 20th, 2013

exc: oh rats!

Cold Cake? Cold Coke? Cold Comfort?

Mummyfrog seems to be taking much joy in telling me that Cake Monday may not happen. :-(

[it's the snow -- now getting up to about 8 inches -ish]
[I will have to reconsider taking cake home to feed mummyfrog]

I am bloody frozen here. Even with my marks and spencer super thermal wool-mix socks with new thermal power technology.

[worryingly, they do make labels that say that...]

[*sexy voice* not just thermal socks, marks and spencer super thermal socks *sexy chocolate orgasm noise*]


hmm... coke - we no longer need the spare refrigerator. The university hang-your-milk-out-of-your-window trick might not be a great idea right now. Unless you add vodka and serve it as icecream. Problem with that plan - alcohol will drop the freezing point. Now, I just need some students to test it on... and vodka

Send a self-addressed envelope to the usual address, boys and girls.