January 24th, 2013

hugh house

in which I feel like a slug and that slug feels like cake

I just want to sleep (again) how does doing so little make me so tired?

On the anti-cake method: - LJ front page just pointed me at bakebakebake and apple muffin things. It is so cruel! They sound so nice! The oven is on! They sound really nice! I must remind myself that the American cup system means naff all to me. Therefore, it is all undo-able! I can't deal with cups!! So, I don't need apple muffins! And I need to stop obsessing about cake and visualising Cake Monday obsessively - will there be butterfly cakes, how about feeding mummyfrog butterfly cakes, wouldn't it be nice to eat butterfly cakes, nice homemade butterfly cakes with proper butter cream?

God, I'm hungry right now. Tonight is pizza night. It will be "Tesco Fineness: Italian Meats Stone Baked Pizza". I know because it has been every sodding Thursday for at least six months. I was not incredibly big on the thing to start with. I can taste it now. *fail*