January 30th, 2013

hugh house

Stan's Soapbox: The True and Trueful Real Life Story of Buzzy Featuring Guest-Star the Two Man Horse

Another day of high drama here in the leisure-hive: Super Efficiency Girl fell to sleep, the Typing Temptress did ONL's latest report, and Wholesome Woman stayed out of the cake.

Wholesome Woman is now very hungry and hoping not to contend with Risotto Evil again after yesterday's battle. Risotto Evil makes wholesome Woman cry and run into the comforting arms of High Sugar.

And an amazingly truthful true life event

(not an imaginary story!)

From the Great Oracle aka Sunday Times!

In an ordinary suburban Tesco: a pantomime horse was ejected by security guards after trotting through the meat isle calling "mummy? daddy? where are you?"

Now all I need now are some Little Yellow Boxes
vecchio: study hard

(now I'm feeling nostalgic about random ficlet prompts)

Okay, it went like this, auto-complete in the chrome address-bar came up with a random livejournal url while I was tapping b-u-z and then hitting enter, so I ended up in one of my fanfiction posts from 2006. Which was frankly odd and frankly odder as I have not really thought about fanfiction much in the last couple of years and can't remember half the stuff I wrote (and certainly not around that period - things were not good) so I ended up rec-cing myself to myself and finding some of the results a little disturbing: Fanfiction that isn't exactly boring, isn't entirely gen, and is very odd: a selection of f-list mini fic (now I'm feeling nostalgic about random ficlet prompts)

I like the Jack Harkness background stories (this was 2006, strictly S1 territory) about killer bunnies and hamster tennis. Warning: implied death of small furry animals

And both of the dS ones starting with "Once upon a time there was a mountie called Fraser" -- the rest, uh, are either baffling, weird and a little bit uncomfortable.

Do any of you f-list fan-ficcers get embarrassed and nostalgic when confronted with their earlier works? Discuss.