February 12th, 2013

exc: oh dear!

You Avengers Assemble Fans: READ THIS ditto MARVEL ZOMBIES (the fan boy/girl type)

I've been a bit under talky lately. This is partly because my reaction to the universe is "zzz..." Not so much brain pain as brain marathon sleep.

Actually interesting: The Works (discount book chain) have five and a half tons of Marvel trades in! That means Comics in Books.

Avengers fen should all squee now!

[I know there are a lot of you]

Locally, about 5 different Avengers titles, similar quantity X Men, a big book of Luke Cage and Iron Fist [why hasn't anyone slashed them yet?!!], various Strange Odd Marvel books, Runaways [as written by teh Joss!) and Book Two of Agents of Atlas!!


  1. * Why hasn't anyone slashed Luke Cage and Iron Fist - they live in each other's pockets, they "date" girls but spend more time together, the costumes are indescribable, they run their own business and have a snappy business plan (fight bad guys and get money) and ninja!

    You get it?! Luke has impervious skin (but a very pervious heart). Previously a crim who got experimented on in the joint; he had an epiphany and set up shop with the most mystic ninja in Marvel. Iron Fist is a mystic ninja with a funky little fighting trick (guess what! it involves a shiny mystic...) and the most skin tight comic ninja outfit on the planet. He makes Daredevil look like he's in a "onesie" and it's slashed to slightly below the waist so you can see his mystic tattoo!

    Like I said, serious slash heaven here.

  2. * Read the Runaways - simple. Best thing ever - teenage kids who find out their parents are super-villains. Joss Wheedon dialogue (who else could make the Kingpin think "mmm... chocolate" in the middle of his bad guy act?) and Mollie, the cutest super-powered 11 year old in history. Wears a kitten hat into battle.

  3. Agents of Atlas: get your hands on book one.

    [there is no "previously" recap in Book Two and you really really need one]
    [I'm not kidding]

    An Avengers team before the Avengers?! The original Secret Avengers - a group run by the FBI in the 1950s, staring a cast of the most awesome Marvel characters you never met. The Reunion! The chronically under-dressed "love goddess", the "human robot" who has death-ray eyes, the original Marvel Boy from Uranus, a talking immortal Gorilla who writes recaps and kicks ass, and the FBI's Top Agent: Jimmy Woo. Jimmy has the super-power of being AWESOME.

    papajoemambo knows the creative team personally and he raves about this: this is a top sign of awesome.

Where did all my comic book icons go?!