February 14th, 2013

exc: oh rats!

Brane Suck: Fucked Up Beyond Everything Edition

The icon doesn't even say it all. This is an epic braine fuck-up.

Scary Specialist said to get the Botox Treatment again, my GP should refer me to Hospital X. GP said "WTF?!" and didn't know how the fuck to refer me and went and battered Scary Specialist (sadly, only in effigy) and sent fuck-loads of letters to her. He wasn't pleased with her "buzzy is crazy person" diagnosis much either. Still waiting for anything, something, uh... GP finally tried to contact Hospital X. They weren't very keen on returning his letters. Finally, two weeks before Next Appointment with Scary Specialist, bbd suggested a DIY approach. Phoned Hospital X. Got call this morning: Hospital X policy is not to take referals "outside area". Scary Specialist's Hospital does do the Botox Treatment could they refer me there?! Buzzy said "this is FUCKED" and nice hospital lady said "yes!". So Seven Fucking Months after I have been waiting for the fucking Botox Treatment, I found out I can only get it from the Hospital I Fucking Go To Every Six Months where I see Scary Specialist. This is either a) incompetant or b) Scary Specialist hates buzzy's guts [hence the "crazy person" diagnosis] after she said No to Pills of Evil three sodding times at three sodding consultations. Scary Specialist loves Pills of Evil. Buzzy does not love Pills of Evil because they gave her a) terminal depression b) fucked with her mind and c) made jumping off things a Good Idea. Oh and d) wrecked buzzy's academic everything beyond all recondition so buzzy got her degree by Pity Party thrown by Lecturers.

Fuck. That should make me feel better, actually makes me freeze dead and suck everything away and only crying is left. I was so fucking angry... and now I'm not.

So, the last seven months has been another contribution to the ten-year life destruction. I don't have a) job, b) boyfriend, c) house, d) normality, e) second degree... n) future