February 23rd, 2013

hugh house

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Hello Internet People!
I'm just checking in here.

I have the Evil Consultant on Thursday. I am still trying to get cold-and-focussed me to come along.

Hopefully, it will kick ass.

Otherwise, I am going to get as wibblescome and freaked as usual, which plays into her "its all psychological" and her recommendation that I should be head-shrunk until I believe it.

And they complain about my low self-esteem. Last time I say the counselling person, what hit the top of the list? Low self-esteem, blaming myself for my problems, the "I was never good enough" thing...

Basically nixing the "its all psychological" guilt trip.

[Not only Evil Consultant is a cow; she is an unoriginal cow. I managed that diagnosis in week two - hence inner head mess - also, the "get back" theory, the "I'm a fake" theory. "I'm not intelligent - I'm a con job" theory...

There's a lot of that. Which I have been "not thinking about" quite successfully 90% of the time. Now it's just getting a little deafening here]

Yaddaa Yaddaa Bing Bong.