March 1st, 2013

hugh house

The Return of the Buzzy (brain doctor version)

Okay, so Brain Hospital appointment sucked less than usual. I got a Registrar instead of my Evil Consultant, which was a huge bonus, and she actually explained how the inner perscription/treatment/timey-wimey works.

Specifically, that the result of a lot of the procedure-type solutions don't work consistently, if you have one and that works great, it doesn't mean the next one will be great, or statistically change the likelihood of it working. It's a bit like roulette (except not!). So, it was completely acceptable/likely/normal that DHE round 1 worked but DHE round 2 didn't. And neither would influence the result of round 3. If I'd gone with a round 3.

Why the Consultant didn't ever say that upfront, I don't know. If I knew that; I might have (possibly, very possibly) taken her up on another cycle. As it was, it seemed to always be a bitchy get-back. It probably was her idea of a bitchy get-back (it sure was on my side of the court) and actually a serious offer with a proper chance... I'd have considered doing it.

This is kind-of irrelevant since they don't make DHE any more. Also, the whole DHE experience (hospital, drips, scary people) isn't very good for me anyway.

On the Topirimate (the pills of evil) front; Registrar said Consultant should never have pressured me on that. I have a clear history that it is not a good idea. Some RL friends helped on that one: Tazzio, Shorts-and-Sweet and Shadowkitty. They wrote nicely about what fun I was on the stuff.

Oh and after all that referral fun: it turns out I hadn't been on the Injection List before the Chase Up. So yay, at the bottom of the sodding heap. Score mis-communication (my letters never end up with me, or my GP) and the whole "who the hell does the referring here anyway?" farce.

Mysteriously, I got a phone-call and I have it! Needles on Monday!!
Somehow a slot just suddenly appeared and I can have my head injected on Monday. Wooo! I am so seriously excited here. It probably says a lot when you think a session with 30 needles and your scalp is the best thing since Marvel Team-Up... but there you go!

In other news: the dad mobile (silver and slightly wonky) had a little disagreement with a London bus (big, red, etc) and now has some lovely new dents. We now have a large collection of bumps and bangs and I think the panel-beaters are going to be giving dad frequent-flier miles. Or at least little stick-on decals and a set of steak knives. A spare wing mirror would be nice.