March 5th, 2013

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If you didn't here it before: I got needled yesterday!

I now have 31 little punctures around my head/neck/shoulders. My eye brows hurt like they are squeezing my eyes in. Ouch. But not too ouch. It's annoying and I am sure I have bruises, but nobody can see them, or that's what they say.

I guess this gives me a bit more impetus to update the blooding headache scores. I do not like rating my headaches, but then, I'm due back in 12 weeks to get another cycle!

I had the scary consultant who was in "nice-mode" and had clearly been filled in by her registrar re: referal chaos and pills of doom. Hence the magic instant procedure appointment.

Also, why have none of my head-doctors heard of phrenology?

There we go.

p.s. my eyebrows feel weird.
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Tantalising Trantic Cross Stitch and some Very Epic Fail regarding Locomotion and/or Coachomotion

Cross Stitch: I am currently having one of those "better than sex" moments.

This doesn't really work. I haven't been having much of that sort of thing to start with.

Ooooh. She said.

How can I resist things like this? Long Dog Samplers: oh boy! everything that makes me just want to go grabbity.

And she's done. a. book. Oooh. Oooh. Aahh. *dies of giggling*

[okay, the giggling bit is rather like sex]

Try the fourth image down. go on! Now that is the good stuff.

Potential Conflict: The Ally Pally organisers have decided that they can't go on being awesome once a year. So, they are having an extra show! In London! At Olympia! March 14-17! !!!! Buying things! BUT *sadface* certain people are not happy with the idea of buzzy at large, on her own, and self-powered in London. Annoyingly, they have reasons. Annoyingly, I'm all can-do this. I even found a coach excursion. Surely better? Travelling en masse? Certain people are still unhappy with the idea in an exhibition hall without a handler. This is serious fail. *wibble* I missed the original and best Ally Pally in October because nobody would go with me. The Knitting Mafia didn't go and bbd is in "never again" mode. So, I still don't have anybody to make sure I don't fall off the bus. Or get et by hungry quilters. Or attacked with fanny frames. Or wander off to the loo and fall down it.

*slumping and bad posture*