March 7th, 2013

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I'm not feeling fabulous right now, just apathetic and tired. I always seem to be tired. Also, I still have failed to do the ironing (six shirts and counting) I live in t-shirts, basically, so why do I have an ocean of plaid and blue and purple? Why haven't I actually worn most of them? I think wrinkled shirts are out to get the unwary novice ironer.

I still want to go to the Cross Stitch Thing in London. The organizers sent me a flyer this morning. There's an exhibit about Liberty Tana Lawn fabric. This is exciting.
cross stitch: birdy

German-Language Accessory for Super Market Shoppers (how did I ever do without one?)

Another reason buzzy loves the German language:


A dongle for that little chip thing you insert in shopping trolleys.


There's a pattern for that: Einkaufswagenchipanhänger Pattern by Stickerin M B

[I say German-language - the designers are from Austria and the Netherlands)


I love compound nouns.

I like making compound nouns even more.
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