March 11th, 2013

dief: Dief cry

kill whoever wrote my horoscope please (this is all their fault)

This is one of those ghastly days where everything goes wrong:

*snow (obvious)
*school booking was not for 21 march but 12 march
*having much fucking joy trying to sort this out
*ditto ONL
*knit and natter: 4 peeps and they disappeared fast
*marks and spencers: left knit/nat early found all their out-dated plants but nobody had labelled them all up yet (also scads of baked goods)
*school booking: work email address down
*fuck, I need to talk to our noble leader again
*school fail / no school / heating fail / snow fail / email fail / travel fail / onl fail / epic fail

epic buzzy fail??

I just want to cry over EVERYONE and it's amazing because it is not HORMONES and that kind of TUMMY ACHE.

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