March 14th, 2013

cross stitch: birdy

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After much tears before bedtime, I have finally been "allowed" to go to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia. Possible downer: Mum is coming with, she says I can bounce things off her and she'll stop me spending too much money. Ulp.

The people who run Olympia have one of the worst websites I've been on: flashy, stylish and completely useless. The only actual map of the place is from a sales booklet (selling to potential hall bookers) and that splits everything off from everything else and provides zero helpful information. For instance: what is there to eat and where can we eat it? That and they call Olympia 2 "Olympia Central" except when they do it the other way around. *grrr*

Have been reading through my tag list and using it to crack dosk up. It is very good on that front: "vampire breading for fun and profit" and "not gay penguins" are some of the high-lights. Yes, I think tangentially.