March 16th, 2013

cross stitch: birdy

Complete Needle-Work Update -- Olympia Event Report.

If you can't tell (bloody unlikely!)this is going to wind up on cross_stitch in the nearish future

I just got back from the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia (London) with Mummyfrog. We had a good time and much shopping (mostly me). The Liberty exhibit (or at least what I thought was the LE - can somebody tell me otherwise, please? I saw it in the trade stall section) was a huge disappointment. Many of the fabric stalls had more liberty fabric on show that had been made into some absolutely stunning quilts, attire and sewn objects. The quilts were (as always amazing), shop models were stunning and there was (enjoyably) more than could ever be looked at (let alone stuffed in my back-pack). Some of the stuff was just amazing (especially the Japanese origami baubles) and just about everything else. If somebody has £150 or so to spend, buy me one incredible ottoman-size chest for all my floss!

I managed to buy the same kit I bought two years ago! *headdesk* It doesn't stop it being gorgeous though! Or Double Gorgeous! West End Embroidery, Tile 2 (top colour scheme) and it is canvas-work. Gosh!

I also got my own copy of "the Sampler Workbook" by Caroline Vincent signed and bought one of her baby-sized kits: blue bird sampler. It has bunnies and is the latest contender for the portable "what next?" slot. [Portable, in this case, means something small enough to take out and stitch with the knitting group] I love Caroline's books (as if you can't tell) and seriously recommend them.

I also got a lovely Drawn Thread flower thing butterfly garden courtesy of the Nimble Thimble,

And two bargain bags of fabric [totally recommended - I got one last time and they are huge, also 2 for £15] from [I can't remember right now, but they were amazing], and some assorted beads including two tiny fimo roses perfect for biscornu.

Also, just lovely, I got a thread-keeper kit from Sue Hawkins (whose products are always so fabulous you never know what to go for). Sue Hawkins is finally getting a website that works like a website! Currently, she only has her print catalogue in pdf. Mine is on page six.

I will try (emphasise try) and get some pictures of me with stuff. I do have a lot of stitching photography waiting to be snapped and I am an expert procrastinator. Which is a bit annoying really, but I need to clear out my camera card and shift the zillion pictures of ancient monuments. As my profile says:
"buzzy tours archaeological sites on holidays and has fallen off a wide range of historic monuments"