March 21st, 2013

ckr: fear is negotiable

Keep That Tardis Flying


Well, my shirt from Teefury came yesterday, so I am now wearing my spiffy New Who/Firefly Cross Over T-shirt. It is made of win, it's also made of being slightly too small on the bust. My bust is the envy of all my friends! :-)

Secondly, we had 25 kids at "work" yesterday. They were annoyingly bright (I normally have two Activity finishers, with this group I had two Activity Non-Finishers: this is very stressful) and a joy to work with. So, I "work" in "museum education" if you can stretch the terms far enough Also, ONL vanished for part of the Big Talk so I had to desperately spin-out my section. On the up side, I talked about marriage ages (hmpf) and I can safely say that Boy 2 and Girl 1 do not want to get married but Boy 3 might be interested in Girl 1. Audience Boy volunteered enthusiasticly to marry Boy 2.

If that is not cute, then what is?