April 4th, 2013

cross stitch: birdy

I certainly need a new Dr Who icon / "I don't like them, they're silly"

I'm just checking-in, I am very tired right now and my inner health got involved in a TMI kind of way. I even skipped "work" on Tuesday. It sucked that much.

Dr Who on Saturday rocked and was the best episode for a Long Time.

It just had so many of the Things I Love About the Doctor (v. 11).

* Some of the Doctor's best sideways logic (go forward in time so that the opposition has been looking for you all night while you are as fresh as a daisy) and how he hacks things. [look Ma! no spoilers]

* His (typically 11) attempts at Being Human. You know, the utterly fail things. Rather like a guy holding a tea-party who doesn't realise the tea should be in the pot. Beds are a problem (hammocks, bunk beds, frustrated companions) and this episode he (finally) gets it right (companion + sleep = bed). And then fails at bedtime snack.

[He tries very hard and doesn't understand why the humans aren't enjoying themselves. He's provided everything the humans need...

...so, why isn't it working? Doctor: about-to-cry!face

* I love Doctor!fail

* He still really doesn't get how to introduce himself to people (I am not actually a monk, in fact...) and his tendency to say everything all at once and with no edits whatsoever. And no real understanding of what needs editing/ or is totally inappropriate / or completely is utterly baffling to anyone but him.

[ this is why 11 counts as a psychopath - he has no idea how people work at all or why they don't stay where/when he puts them. Or why they go and get old on him. And die. And won't play with him any-more.]

* He has a special box, for the bow-tie

* His dressing-up box: he doesn't have a wardrobe just lots of clothes, in a box.

[11, this is one of the times your mental age doesn't have any connection to his physical age -- Why won't they play with him any-more?

It's interesting in parallel with the current Big Bad [the Great Intelligence] and his "avatars" -- they are all stuck in their childhood. "I don't like them, they're silly" suddenly sounds hauntingly familiar.

For that point? River Song? Well, okay, she grows up (eventually) and ends up something like a Doctor Translator for the Williams's]

* Okay, I just completely went blank on the awesome [I hate the Brane]


Also, the holy box of St John. How St John's Ambulance sign (which had disappeared on recent tardises) and the Knights' Hospitaller cross is the one feature on the box the monks can recognise. (Both are known as the Order of St John).

Clothes. "I am not in fact a monk..."