April 14th, 2013

transmetropolitan: suspicious spider

Last Night's Who: Curiousity Killed the Communist

Okay, this is very short.

The Buzzy three minute response: HADS, HADS, Haditty HADS.
Everyone else: Uh, what?
Buzzy: hostile action something system.
Everyone else: shhh...

I do like that they cast the Captain (Comerade Captain?) with a Scottish accent and a beard. I have never seen that casting before. ;-)

I think I love Granddad Scientist and his Sony Walkman. He is just so cute *squishes* It was awful when I thought they might have deaded him.

Also, convincing Cara dialogue, I especially love the way she gives a girly wave, while the Doctor and Comrade Captain row about who should not talk to the alien.

The End: HADS, HADS, Haditty HADS.

Hostile Action Displacement System

(my Doctor-Fu beats the_dosk: I am very pleased about this.)

[I still need a Who icon: maybe I could have one of Granddad and his walkman headphones right when... dum dum da!]

ETA: talking to/at xanthe, writer of kinky kinky slash. Writer of good kinky kinky slash.

Returning baddies, correction more returning baddies (the people at Great Intelligence have a whiff of Old Who to them) -- Actually they have a whiff of the same Doctor (2), throw in the hat and you get something quite interesting. Add the fancy dress and...

I'm sure I read something about TPTB/Matt being (very) influenced by Troughton (2).

Don't let him near any musical instruments, he's probably awful.