April 24th, 2013

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I'm quiet right now. I've had a week of low-brain-pain days, so why does almost everything feel so flat? I might as well be on Mars. Nothing seems to interest me and I keep sleeeeeping a lot. I just don't have any motivation. I'm even annoyed that I don't have any motivation.

In other news: School party yesterday came with the biggest packed lunch I have ever seen. Kitchen had sent them out with (really) huge poly-styrene coolers filled with identical lunches. We snuggled them behind the front desk. Children were nice (private school) and generally agreeable. One (probably autistic) really impressed ONL with his comprehensive knowledge of Composers and their Dates. ONL made a huge fuss of him.

Explained to Arrius (Harry), Roman Soldier for the day, how great his Pension Package was (farm, cash-lump sum, regular support payments) with the only requirement "not getting killed"!

They already knew about my beloved MouseBurgers (dormice stuffed with pine nuts) and garum (especially garum - try it!) but I managed to get them on conger eels. They taste better if you feed them (dead) slaves. Also, stuffed giraffe neck.

And then, packed lunch time! *evil*