April 27th, 2013

hugh house

Never put plastic bags on top of the hob

... they stick and then buzzy panics... divers alarums

There is not a lot going on here in the hive -- no, not anything happening here.

'Tis mummyfrog's birthday tomorrow, so we got her AnotherMagazineSubScription. She asked for one, this totally does not portray any lack of creativity and thought on our part.

We were going to buy her another one entirely.

Anyway, buzzy is now making one of her stunning Magazine Subscription Gift Tokens.

Now, she needs to clean the printer -- huhrmp

[or kick it until it co-operates]

For reasons not to be explored at this juncture, but nevertheless related, buzzy has just pulled 3 years of photographs off her camera. These include when she, mummyfrog and bbd went to Kew Gardens sometime in July last year. This is so buzzy can dig through the plants and find a tree... So What?! This is a family _Tree_ magazine and buzzy has a great picture of mummyfrog and bbd up a _tree_

Also, Kew resulted in zillions of close-up macro-shoots of pretty vegetation. So now, buzzy has cactus flower wallpaper on the Computer from the Black Lagoon.

Strangest thing? I have a picture of a cactus with a Braille label alongside it. Ouch!

Scrapbook hates buzzy. This might to be to incentivise her out of the old old user-interface/ posting engine


Urk! All my userpics went walkies. Oh, right, I haven't renewed my account. Solved!
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