May 4th, 2013

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Brain Crash. Bump. Dosk has gone fourth to con (may the fourth be with you!)

Mummyfrog shopping. Bbd following mummyfrog shopping.

Me - topical administration of caffeine and aspirin.

try not to sleep.
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Tonight's Who: But I Was in Victorian Yorkshire

Now, that was a good episode.

No, that was a bloody fantastic episode.

There are so many ways and, again, I will try and keep my list of good parts spoiler-clean.

* The man who keeps fainting -- Madam S, the Tardis, Strax...
* Strax, as usual, provides a explosive helpful solution
* ... and might even have got the hang of genders
* Tom Thomas
* The bad guys have a difference-enginge : welcome to Who does Steampunk
* Jenny and pals -- also Md. S, that veil thing is not working for you
* The man who keeps fainting (see previous point)
* A chair is _always_ useful.

Dosk really likes that we come in half-way through the Doctor's adventure.

I can't explain the title of this post. It wins.

Next week is going to be a great one (and Neil Gaiman, I think) [check with dosk]


In other news: David went to his Dalek-Meet-Up in Folkestone: it was awesome. He has pictures. I have never seen a dalek ball-gown before (it is nifty) and cosplayers (all types) galore! Sadly, not many people bother to ask the Daleks/Storm-Troopers/Ball-Gown-Lady if they mind being photographed! Let alone talk to them about their horse-box (how do you transport full-size daleks?) and their experiences. There was a Dalek with a Tax Disk -- it is registered as a mobility scooter. *WIN!*

In the words of the Big Bad Daddy: be nice to people, it confuses them.

Sadly, this is true