May 10th, 2013

animal: omg llamas!

I'm still writing this entry -- I can't find a draft save button anymore

Hello People of the Internet and Others that Live in My Computer.

Yesterday, we went to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness and it was awesome.

* Pavel Checkov (and his amazing adorable accent) is still my favourite team member -- he panics very prettily

* Spock and his "oh no, I'm in a volcano" action figure pose (I so want that)

* Peaceful solutions -- attempts at.

* Punching people -- seems to be a top skill

* There is (still) no sound in space

* There is a tribble (can we have the Dead Parrot sketch in space)

* Spock calls Jim "Jim"

* A very smart plot

What I learned from New Star Trek movies:

* never piss off an angry Vulcan

* base jumping is cool


[my reaction thing / what they should have said]

Mc Coy: He punched him, Jim, a lot.