May 11th, 2013

hugh house

Tonight's Who: A Nightmare In Silver (wouldn't that have been another great victorian episode?)

Sadly, not as good as I expected, but, then, with Neil Gaiman involved I set a very high bar. Dosk thinks there were a ton of key edits that rather did for the episode.

Best thing: Smart Cybermen! We've been waiting far too long for Cybermen with brains (and let's face it, they can assimilate all the brains they need) and tactical woojits. Like Cyber-Silver-Fish (real bugs bugging everywhere) and some really nice surprise moves (which, I can't tell you about because they are SURPRISE moves) that really do make you jump.

Plot-wise: a bit all over the place

Hence Dosk comment about oodles of edits

Given that the Doctor's Wife [Neil's last episode] went through a huge number of cuts to make the thing work time-wise, and that he seems to squish a two parter amount of plot into a one parter pot... somebody please just give him a two-parter!!

Also, Cybermites!

[thank you, dosk, for providing the right terminology -- the Doctor thinks they are beautiful]