June 13th, 2013

cross stitch: sleeping beauty

Serious WIN - "Heritage Sector" Edition

I'm still feeling pretty tired here.

This is not helped by my Work List (at "Work") telling me it takes 20 minutes to drag the Ultra-Heavy Floor Sucker around the office. It doesn't. Archaeologists are messy. Sucking Thing is a) ancient and b) industrial and weighs too much entirely. "Work" is run by Genuine Vintage Archaeologists and in their world I make a lot of tea. Hence my "Archaeology on Mars" tag.

"Work" (as a place/organisation) is Epic. We have now got the Major League Shiny Award Thing for Charities, which is very very important. There will be a Special Major League Shiny Award Presentation Ceremony. Secondly, we will be "As Seen on TV" next month!!!