June 16th, 2013

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parenthes (aren't they your mum and dad)

Another day of high adventure here at the beehive.

Bbd already has his present (he bought it himself) which is Aldi (award winning and cheap) gin. This removes the (already small) surprise quotient.

Went to Aunt's birthday bash(ette) where we were the only guests for half an hour (after we turned up on time-ish) and the directions were woeful ("up the road from me" is not helpful). Sadly, we had to leave before cake-time (cake makes the world go round) and cake makes me round too (fortunately, relatives make you feel svelte and stylish) and it looked pretty good. Aunt still wants to emigrate to Sweden (uh, why?) and is fed up with her job. Mini cousin helped me with the buffet ("don't eat those, they're horrible") and mini-cousin-ette did some fashion advice ("mum, I'm wearing my _white_ dress, wear something in another colour"). We bought dosk fish'n'chips on the way home (you wouldn't believe the size of the fish) and mum'n'dad ate "left over chips" (ha!) and I didn't (not a chip person, also greasy).
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