July 2nd, 2013

nightcrawler: sleeping

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Hey, he's a tired tired tired buzzy.

Item of Cool: At "work" we do kids' historical workshops; here's the cool idea that ONL and the gang came up with: souvenir packs. So what are those? It's a really good idea. Instead of having the kids mob the "shop" and tears before bedtime... we have bags (boy bags and girl bags) with a selection of cool stuff (cut out Romans, pencils, bangles) and then the teacher buys the packets and hands them out back at school.

Mummyfrog has pointed out that boy- and girl-bags are incredibly sexist (yes) but we have different best-sellers. After years of careful observation, boys do not want bangles, girls love bangles, everyone gets a toy Roman.

Tomorrow: back to the form of evil.