July 3rd, 2013

exc: oh dear!

Stitching blog -- a link for the squidlet

Squidlet is my netbook, where my cross-stitch patterns live.

The Computer from the Black Lagoon is now getting virus-searched because of a dodgy download link for a nice sim-thing. I have Sims 2 and it is utterly too addictive. I was going to polish off the victorian/colonial red clapboard house. Pants.

Form of Evil is still Very Evil indeed. Almost every single question has been closed up so far that nearly nobody can get through the gap. The road-crossing hazard-perception question is now about "vision and hearing" so clearly being so out of it that you can't gauge speed of cars, are totally oblivious of that big bus coming your way, and are not sure why you are in the road at all gets you SPLAT.

ETA: I forgot the bloody link, didn't I?
seriously recommended by the embroidery mafia (or at least me)