July 21st, 2013

plot carrot

Hugh Jackman on Top Gear

[... beyond the obvious re: hotness of clarkson and re: chaos of jackman]

[I think I just might have got that one the wrong way round]


Just something to think about.

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, was in musical theatre

John Barrowman, who plays Jack Harkness, was in musical theatre

They both play "technically" immortal characters

So, where's the fic?
cross stitch: birdy

Is it wrong... ?

... to get "hot and bothered" by a how-to video?

I'm doing some deep measured breathing here

the colonial knot

My future happiness might depend on this

Take the needle, make a cee, needle under and over, thread like an eight...

[non-embroiders -- i can't do french knots to the point where I avoid projects that need them -- french knots are traumatic -- this is like finding out that you can substitute cherry-ade for cough syrup - they taste a little bit similar and they have the same effect... urp!]

ETA: there is a feed for Mary Corbet's Needle 'N Thread embroider_this -- what I love most is this little bit from the feed-providers:
FeedBurner delivers the world's subscriptions wherever they need to go. Publish a feed for text or podcasting?

I just read that as procrastinating! *dies of giggling*
Also, I need her book