July 31st, 2013

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Hi! I have probably spoken more German today than I have in the last five years plus. I suspect that the German tourist might have been a teacher as she grilled me about how long I studied German usw. Then another (English) visitor told me how impressed he was with my German skills and how amazed he was at how much German I remembered. I left school about ten years ago.

Shorts and Sweet is coming tomorrow to experience hanging out in Dover. This could be interesting.

At very least, we will be going for local delicacies [fudge from the fudge guy and then the chlinglish breakfast buffet*] and visiting my "work" and I'm thinking about the town hall. It is distinctive and massively out-sized -- it started off as a large "pilgrim hospital" [i.e. a hostel for pilgrims] and then the Victorians decided that it was not Goth enough and added some flying buttresses, balconies and serious stonework. Sort of "pimp my ride" architecture. The incredibly small church. The fair's in town, so maybe we'll go and scream a bit (or eat ice-cream a bit) and boggle at the prices. Fun may be involved.

* of course, you've always wanted won-ton and fried egg in one handy meal.