August 5th, 2013

cross stitch: birdy

mail (order) fail -- still not talking about doctor who

So, as the strap line suggests, I had mail order, it sucked.

There was a kit I fancied for ages and a bit longer. So, with the buzzy!vacation coming up and buzzy being in the back of beyond this year, I needed something stitchy so I really could make my own entertainment. Minds out of gutter, please. So I ordered quite pretty thing. QPT didn't turn up, after a week I emailed mail order people, didn't get an answer, got to the point when I was just about to phone them and tell them where to put their sodding order (and more than that where to put my money back) and I got a dispatch email. *glee* albeit with qualifications (a two-week wait elimiates purchase!squee) and then got QPT. In a very wet envelope *less glee* and then... QPT (the quite pretty thing I ordered) was not the quite pretty thing in the nice website pictures.^ and yes, nice pretty green background with nice soft colours... what got - sackcloth-looking-fabric with ghastly colours. *fail* It is nothing like I imagined and I paid sodding extra for the silk-floss option because I thought it would be prettier *fail* *fail* *fail*

I am now pretty down-in-the-dumps and plain tired with everything. I'd been a bit more optimistic lately and this is the last thing I fucking need right now. Getting pushed back down the stairs sucks. Another "don't let things get to you like this" moment from the mummyfrog. I wish I was more like mummyfrog right now.

^ I've had problems with colour replication before (and that sucked the first three times) and I'd checked the manufacturer's website to make sure I was getting the colours I was getting that does make sense, right?pretty historical colours and I am not talking all those pale "sampler" colours people seem to be so enamoured of. They weren't those colours when the original things were stitched - those replicates light-damaged deteriorated moth-eaten (literally) colours not the original colour scheme. I could go on and explain "blue disease" at length, but this footnote is too long already